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Ingredients- ½ cup of cocoa powder (without suger) 1/4 cup of sugar powder (or to taste) ¼ cup of brown sugar powder (or to taste) ¾ cup of whole milk (not toned) 1 ½ cup of heavy cream 1 ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract ½ tablespoon gms & ¼ tablespoon cmc powder (optional) 1-2 pinch of salt

Ice cream mixture preparation
In small bowl whisk together the cocoa and powdered sugar until thoroughly blended add milk to this and then continue whisking it slowly either manually for 2-3 mins or with an electric blender for 20-30 seconds slowly now add the cream & stir for a fine blend add the vanilla extract and a pinch of salt mix it thoroughly but slowly to get an evenly mixed and consistent mixture now add gms and cmc powder and stir well refrigerate the mixture in an airtight container until chilled for approx 3-4 hours

Ice cream preparation

Now take the chilled mixed out switch on the kitchenif ice  cream maker pour the mixture in the bowl from the top h…

Breakfast all day and if your diet is the most crucial part of the egg


Breakfast all day and if your diet is the most crucial part of the egg, so there will be no breakfast. Egg consumption not only in the winter season but also benefit.

The benefits of eating eggs

 Health, Healthcare, "Sunday or Monday, eat eggs every day, 'said the line, you must not be read or hear elsewhere. , The many benefits of eating eggs, it contains vitamins, minerals business is to provide nutrients to the body. People believed the eggs non-vegetarian food, so some people still believe. Egg eaters but became a separate class, where previously only non-vegetarian category of persons was a vegetarian, is also a third category of people who do not eat meat but eat eggs is meant Aggiterian. Because of the nutrients in eggs can not ignore it any. Doctors recommend eating it all.

An hour after meal drink plenty of water.

 An hour after meal drink plenty of water.

* Thirst between meals, drink a little water. At the end of the meal should not drink water immediately.

* Stale, cold, raw or burned and re-heated food is harmful to health.

* When digested food to eat only the second time. Morning after the evening meal indigestion know, that there are some soft food. But weaning get indigestion after dinner should not eat at all.

* After lunch and a rest, it pays little after dinner stroll is beneficial.

* Never sleep immediately after eating. Whether it's lunch or dinner. Food and sleep at night must be at least two hours.

* Before eating in winter should eat a little ginger and rock salt. It increases the digestive power.

* Stringent food substance in the first, in the end should eat soft foods in the middle and thinner substance.

* Eating milk, yogurt and buttermilk use is beneficial. Taking all this makes long-lived and healthy.

* Always remember the fact that after a meal should not a…